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Step into a realm of vaping enchantment at Mirage Vape Shop, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Northern Quarter in Redcar. Our haven of vaping wonders is a sanctuary for enthusiasts and novices alike, offering an unparalleled selection of premium products and exceptional service.

10 W Dyke Rd, Redcar

TS10 1DZ

01642 488257

Unveil the Unmatched Collection:


Indulge your senses with a curated assortment of top-tier E-Liquids that span the flavor spectrum, from tantalizing fruit blends to delectable dessert concoctions. Elevate your experience with cutting-edge Vape Mods that deliver power, precision, and innovation. Explore our array of Accessories that cater to every customization whim.


Knowledgable Team:


Immerse yourself in the Mirage Vape Shop atmosphere, where our dedicated team of knowledgeable and approachable experts are always on hand to guide you through your journey.

E-Liquid Euphoria: 

Indulge in a symphony of flavors that dance across your taste buds with our premium E-Liquids. Whether you're a connoisseur of sweet treats, a fan of fruity explosions, or a seeker of sophisticated blends, our collection is a playground of possibilities that will delight and amaze.

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